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Call for papers


Vol. 10 July-December  2016

Costume, fashion and written culture

Coordinators: Claudia Tania Rivera, Julieta Pérez Monroy and María del Carmen de Arechavala

Call for papers open December 1st to February 2016

The cultural historian Roger Chartier has studied the gradual displacement of orality and images by writing and reading, as the primary means to acquire knowledge. This leads us to ask if this same process has occurred in the transmission of knowledge about what is “fashionable”--understanding by this term, the avant-garde practices that have transformed the appearance of dress in society--, since images and the spoken word have traditionally been key elements in producing knowledge of the latest fashion trends.

     This issue of Nierika. A Journal of Art Studies will bring together articles that illustrate how written media—such as literature, essays, magazine articles, advertising, fashion plates, letters to the editor and manuals--have transformed the transmission of knowledge regarding the changing forms of appearance produced by the clothing in fashion in specific historical moments, and the ways in which this knowledge has been put to use in the shaping of conventions regarding appropriate dress and behavior.

     In addition to offering a panoramic view of the modes of transmission of the rules of aesthetically correct dress, the articles in this issue may also address the tensions that have existed between fashion and the conventions of proper dress in different periods, exploring the classifications of good and bad taste expressed not only by the usage of fashionable clothing but also by the rules of etiquette, an aspect that has originated profound differences between societies throughout time. From this perspective, we hope to show that although the study of fashion has not been a major focus of academic study, the reflections on clothing and fashion allow us to articulate and analyze significant symbolic battles that have been waged, and which consequently can be very meaningful and relevant to the field of art studies. 

     In addition to in-depth articles on these topics, we welcome reviews of exhibitions and books, interviews and documents that complement this call for papers.

For guidelines for submission, please refer to the following link on the journal’s website:  http://revistas.ibero.mx/arte/

click on the section located on the lateral column on the left “Como publicar”, and then on “Submission Guidelines” in the menu that opens.

To submit manuscripts or for any other questions, please write to:



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